Mounds of Paperwork? Bring it on!

March 22ndMarch 22nd–two months from today!

This is an especially exciting day for us because it’s the day we’re planning to sign on with our chosen agency, the IAC.  We’re attending a two-day “This-Is-What-You’re-In-For-Are-You-Sure?-I-Mean-Really-Sure?-Okay-Here-We-Go!” workshop.  The actual title is the somewhat vague but still a little unnerving “Weekend Intensive Workshop,” but I think they said at the information session we attended in December that they’re changing it to the more upbeat “Adoption Fast Track Workshop.”  Any way you look at it, we’re in for some eye-opening, thought provoking learning experiences wherein they show us many adorable faces of gleeful infants in between Powerpoint slides listing dreadful amounts of paperwork that is processed by unsmiling, non-gleeful government officials sense of urgency is equal to that of a three-toed sloth’s, and is only made worse by repeated check-ins to see how things are going.

Still, rather than face the alternative (wussing out because the process might be intimidating–not an option) we stand with our hands on our hips (metaphorically, that is) and boldly say, “Mounds of paperwork? Bring it on!” “Agonizingly slow officials processing paperwork? Anybody for Krispy Kreme?”  (We’re definitely not above bribery. Lots can be achieved with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts.) We’ll figure this thing out.

We added a little ticker over on the right-hand side of our blog so you can count down the days with us!


3 thoughts on “Mounds of Paperwork? Bring it on!

  1. You know, with our history, we have NEVER done things the easy way. You know that poem that starts “two roads diverged in the woods” (or something like that)-the rest of the poem for us would be “one road was labeled ‘easy’ and one was labeled ‘hard.’ We always seem to pick the one labeled ‘hard’–figuring, I guess, that all that time we’d spent “building character” will make it a piece of cake.

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