Baby Steps

Up to this point, *e* has done all the posting, and he has informed me that though I have added my two cents to the comments, it’s time I posted. So here I am!

We’ve jumped into our adoption journey with both feet, especially this weekend. We sent off our  registration packet and first check to the IAC last week, March 8 to be exact. Our countdown to March 22nd , and 23rd, our agency’s “Weekend Intensive” is getting super close (less than 2 weeks!!) I have to say, I am totally stoked about this weekend. It is awesome to feel we are making real progress to expanding our family. Now, we are staring at A LOT of paperwork. Just what paper work are we talking about? Well, a checklist (prepared by Mr. Type A—I mean–*e*):

The Priority 1 (before homestudy is completed) List:
Adoption Homestudy Autobiography
Adoption Home Study Questionnairepaperwork
Acquiring certified copies of our birth certificates
Child Abuse Clearance Form
Client Profile Summary
DMV Driving Records
FBI Clearance
Gun Safety Form
Health History Form
Letters of Recommendation
Proof of Medical Insurance
Monthly Expense & Income Statement
Physicians Examination of Adoption Applicant Forms
Request for Criminal Record Search
Verification of Employment


Glancing at the titles of the forms, you can see that these are not easy papers to fill out. Some of the pieces, the FBI clearance, the gun safety form (yikes!), the child abuse clearance–no problem! Some of the others: the autobiography, the questionnaire, the profile summary, the driving records–anxiety! (many thanks to you, snake-in-the-grass State Trooper in Charlotte!)

So far, these many-questioned forms are giving us a lot to think about and discuss with each other. The good thing is we can make sure we agree on stuff like discipline and childrearing. We also have to write about ourselves and each other and not generic stuff, specific stuff, strengths, weaknesses, what we are working towards in our marriage, strengths of our marriage, what we disagree about in our marriage. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Still–pun very much intended–I know we can make it through this one baby step at a time.

baby on steps


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