Thumb Bunny Loves You!

We’re picking up steam with this whole paperwork thing! Today, we visited our local Sheriff’s office to get fingerprinted.  It was pretty old-school–just black ink on paper.  I had to have fingerprinting done a couple of years ago when I interned for the National Park Service when we lived in another county, and it was done via computer. I have to say the computer method was a lot more trouble than what we did today because apparently in 2011, Deputy McGruff with the six-shooter and cuffs couldn’t grip my fingers in his bear paws and make them roll from side to side correctly on the computer screen.  No problems today, I’m happy to report.  Easy-peasy.

I was thinking the whole time we were there about the time I got fingerprinted in preschool. I guess it had something to do with finding out what policemen do–I don’t know how long they’ve fingerprinted kids for record-keeping purposes, maybe it was for that.  Anyway, I remember the preschool teacher easing us into having our fingerprints made by doing a little art project wherein we made fingerprints into bunnies with the caption “thumb bunny loves you.” I seem to recall also making little thumb print drawings like these:

thumbprint art

Apparently there’s a whole series out on fingerprint art by Ed Emberley. Naturally, it’s already on my “Dad-tivities” board on Pinterest.  But  don’t worry, I resisted the urge to add whiskers, pointy ears and a tail to my thumbprints, as did *a.*  We agreed that the FBI would not approve.  🙂  Still, I guess the thought of doing so is a small way of sending our kid a little message–


 Thumb Bunny Loves You!!!


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