Our big weekend is finally here!

Finally!  Tomorrow, we head to Raleigh for our Weekend Intensive. My excitement is off the charts! I felt my day dragged on and on at work and I thought it would never come to an end. I doubt I will get much sleep tonight because of this excitement…and because we are leaving at 4 am!

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The cats will be chillin’ at the house, doing what they do best. We will put out plenty of food and water and they can fend for themselves overnight.







R1-03777-0022Tucker’s a little higher maintenance,  so he’s  having a spend-the-night party with the lady who fostered him for the Wilkes Humane Society. She has quite a few other dogs–several of them are Boxers (Tucker’s part Boxer and he ADORES fellow Boxers). Since *E* had to work late, I took Tucker over to her house this evening and dropped him off. I felt a twinge of what it must be like as a parent leaves their child somewhere. I worry about him making friends with the other dogs, hope that he won’t let them pick on him, and try not to think about his refusal to eat while we are gone. He is a HUGE creature of habit/routine and when that is disturbed, he does not do well. That’s one reason we’re trying to avoid boarding him at the vet and letting him hang out with dog-friends instead.  

The house is so….QUIET…without him. *E* said he missed the “thud-thud-thud” of Tucker’s tail hitting the wall when he came in from work tonight and the dopey expression Tucker always has when he wants some attention. We’re both missing his well-timed growly sighs from his big green innertube-sized pillow by the couch when he thinks things have gotten dull. The sighs, and the way he snores like a congested old man.

I have no doubt he will be ok with this person, still…I just worry. Guess I better get used to worry, eh?


3 thoughts on “Our big weekend is finally here!

  1. Good luck! I can’t wait to read all about the training. My husband and I will be starting our home study and parenting education classes shortly. Really enjoy being on similar journey’s at about the same pace!

    • Thanks for the good wishes. It was a great experience, if a little overwhelming! I look forward to checking out your website. Thanks again for the encouragement–we really found out this weekend how great it is to be surrounded by people who are in the same place you are! I hope your homestudy goes well!

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