Thoughtful Thursday: Where Our Hearts Are

This quote seems especially appropriate for us right now.  We know we’re technically only ankle-deep in “the process,” but in the past month or so, we seem to be doing a lot of the actual living of our lives (you know, working, sleeping, eating, etc.) in the small spaces between day-dreams about our future child(ren) and about finally being a Mom and a Dad. If you catch us staring off into space or not saying much over the phone, now you know why…

where your mind goes


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Where Our Hearts Are

  1. Honey, I hate to tell you – but you (and ‘A’) don’t know nothing yet!!! When you and ‘A’ become parents – the responsibility of raising (in our case, past & present) will constantly *overwhelm* your mind and have you regularly staring off into space!!! However, I *do* understand what you are saying now. Without doubt, parenthood is a bit scary and not for the fainthearted!!!!

    LYM! Mom


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