Snapshot Saturday

We’ve got some down-time while we’re waiting on a few last bits of paperwork (come on FBI!). Taking a break from writing our autobiographies and trying not to think about the upcoming Dear Birthmother letter that’s next on our agenda, we decided to do some spring cleaning, since it was a balmy 58 degrees and (mostly) sunny outside. Yesterday, Tucker found himself to be our target cleaning project, much to his dismay. This wasn’t his first bath of the year, but only his second one outside (both times on sunny afternoons, so he could bake in the sun on the front porch afterwards).  We’re not big fans of indoor baths for Tucker because the bathtub, the shower curtain, the floor, the bathroom counter, the mirror, the back of the door—all gets plastered in wet dog hair.  Inside or outside, poor ol’ Tucker dislikes loathes bathtime, as you can tell:

  bathtime 3 bathtime 4

bathtime 1

Betrayed by his humans! He wouldn’t even look at me.

bathtime 2

He looks pretty pathetic.  I think the sun must’ve been in his eyes (hence the squinting). He was happy as a clam, though, (as a wet-dog-out-of-the-kiddie-pool?) after his little ordeal as he pranced around with his coat fluffy and shiny.  We’re just happy he no longer smells like a fish (or whatever that funky smell is that dogs get after a couple of weeks).

From other remarks I’ve heard about kids, I have a feeling that wrestling a soapy, unhappy-to-be-wet/clean Tucker in a kiddie-pool is somewhat akin to wrestling a soapy unhappy-to-be-wet/clean toddler in a bathtub. We have no experience with the latter, yet, but we’re hoping we can plan on year-round indoor baths. Toddlers “baking” dry on front porches – not a brilliant idea. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Snapshot Saturday

    • Oh, I know! The way his underbite looks (that’s the Boxer in him), he looks like he’s got his bottom lip out, pouting. Silly dog. Whoever heard of a Lab (even part-Lab) that doesn’t like water?!

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