Thoughtful Thursday: The Reluctant Dragon

reluctant dragonI wanted to post today’s thought and wanted it to be something with some humor! In a lot of areas in life (the adoption process included, for sure)  I (*A*) think it is important to keep laughter in abundance. *E* sometimes struggles with staying in the moment and not worrying. Humor / getting him to laugh is how I get him to stop worrying so much and just be in the moment.

We both have a secret (well, maybe not-so-secret) affinity for (so-called) kids’ movies, and we have found ourselves watching (so-called) kids’ movies a lot lately for a couple of reasons: a) they sually don’t require a lot of thought and 2) we want to see what kids movies are out there now. Some of the movies we are revisiting are kids’ movies we watched when we were kids, like The Sword in the Stone (*E*’s favorite) and some we have never seen before, like The Reluctant Dragon, which is the subject of today’s post.

The Reluctant Dragon is a short, old-school Disney film from 1941 about a dragon who is doesn’t want to fight. It is based on a children’s book with the same title. The dragon in the film isn’t interested in battling the local knight or frightening townspeople; he wants to sit around reciting poetry, drinking tea, and eating crumpets. A little boy tries to convince him to engage in a battle with the knight in town, but the knight and the dragon find they have a love of poetry in common and settle down for a tea party, where the dragon recites “To an Upside Down Cake.”

I hope with watching this video, you are laughing as hard as *E* and I laughed! The first time we saw it (from a library video we checked out), we back-tracked and watched it probably 3 times. Since then, it’s become a go-to cheer-up tool.  Now, when *E* is having a bad day, I recite “To an Upside Down Cake” (in character, of course!)



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