Thoughtful Thursday: Waiting to Wait

It’s certainly a rarity that I’m accused of being overly patient.  I’m sure it’s happened before.  Not at the moment, though.  It’s already been only been a week, and we’re still anxiously awaiting our first call from our newly assigned social worker. We’ve known from the beginning that the waiting part of this process would likely be the most frustrating challenging part – it’s probably that way for everyone, from what we can tell.  It’s just the pre-waiting part, this waiting-to-get-to-the-wait that seems to be dragging on and on out of our control. *sigh*  So, on that not-so-patient note, a thought for us to remember:

never give up on a dream

Isn’t this graphic cool? The background looks like a chalkboard!  If you want to see more like this, both this graphic and the one on the front page were designed by Etsy artist Mandy England. You can visit her Etsy site by clicking here.  You do fantastic work, Mandy, I hope you don’t mind us borrowing it to illustrate this – timely – quote!



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