The one time you don’t answer the phone…

…and it’s your new social worker trying to schedule your homestudy visits!


Well, don’t I feel sheepish!  I was all set for a long wait to get the homestudy started, and though that first phone call took a week, our new social worker was ready to go! We already have our two in-home visits scheduled.  The first one is June 3rd, THIS COMING MONDAY (!) at 10:30 and the final one is Friday, June 14th!!! We’ll have a better idea of how long it’ll take the social worker to write the report after we meet with her (the IAC says it’s usually anywhere from 45 to 90 days).

house cleaning

So – now begins some heavy duty whole-house top-to-bottom (even the front porch rails!) scouring! Good thing we skipped our traditional Memorial Day picnic last Monday to set out plants and get the front and backyard ready for summer! I forsee some blasting of 80s hair band music this weekend when *A* tackles a project or two when I’m stuck at work.  Whatever works…

Now, let me go figure out where to put all that wood (that’s not trash! that’s for a project) that I’ve collected and have stored for about 6 months now.  Even the garage is getting a going-over….look out, house, here we come!


2 thoughts on “The one time you don’t answer the phone…

  1. I am so glad the process had started for you guys. I could think of no other couple that I would hope to be parents as much as you and Ethan! Good luck on the cleaning! Angie


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