Thoughtful Thursday: Balance

Hello there.  It’s been one of those weeks.  For you, too?  *A* and I have been passing ships in the night this week. We’ve resorted to leaving each other notes on the kitchen table and on the computer screen.  Silly, really, this busy week.   I’m pulling another late night at work (the museum’s having a fancy party tonight, but I’ve carved out a few minutes in my 13 hour (ugh) day to remind myself what really matters…)  So after catching up with *one of those who really matters* on how her day of training went, I decided to send the both of us a message that seems to be a needed one right now.  Why are some weeks just like this?


keep steady


Oh yeah, and get that Dear Birthmother letter done already, for Pete’s sake.  It’s just 900 words, for crying out loud.  How hard can it be?  🙂



One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday: Balance

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