Finding Community

Independent Adoption Center*A* and I live quite a long way from Raleigh, where our adoption agency, the IAC, is based in North Carolina. Generally, living three hours away is not a big deal – we’ve made several trips for weekend events and other than trying to make our two crazy schedules work out, and of course, the commute (no air-conditioning…ugh!) we don’t really mind. Still, these trips have been limited to big events.  Although we know they’d be really helpful, we haven’t yet been able to make it to the in-person monthly support group our office offers.  There’s an online version that the main office in California does, but we haven’t been able to work that out either yet.

We’ve found our blog to be quite helpful in several ways: for recording our thoughts and things we’re doing at each step in the process, for sharing our story with family and friends, and lastly, through slowly finding little pockets of support in communities online.  It’s really helped to have a space to talk about our story, our questions, and our discoveries about our version of the adoption process.  We joined Open Adoption Bloggers a few months ago, and that has been a good way to make connections with other blogs, many of whom are written by long-time adoptive parents, with a few by birthparents and folks who were adopted.  *A* has also made some good connections with other folks through the IAC’s Facebook page. It was great meeting a few people in person that we’ve been following online for quite a while.  It’s sort of weird to know quite a bit about someone you’ve only just met, but that’s how it goes, I guess.

We met with our Adoption Coordinator at the IAC a few weeks ago to share a particular part of our story – one that merited an in-person visit – and I happened to mention we’ve been blogging for few months as a means by which to find a little community of support.  She asked if we would be open to sharing our story with other folks, maybe through the IAC’s blog. Sure, we thought  – why not? We excitedly shared a link to the blog’s homepage and thought about how cool it would be for our agency to feature us on their blog.  And then, I sort of…well….forgot.

So, great news today: we’re super-proud to say that the IAC has indeed featured us not only on their blog, but also on their Facebook page, and on Twitter! So now, we’re famous! Our little story has feet under it! My goodness!

For those of you who’ve been reading for a while now – thank you so much for following our story.  If anyone new is reading this – hi! and welcome! Glad you’re here!

facebook thumbSpeaking of Facebook, we’ve been thinking of creating a Littlest’s BrooksLivingston Facebook page.  Big words for such a fan (not!) of Facebook. (Confession: *A* had to log in as me and share the IAC’s blog post on my page. I didn’t know how.  I’m not even sure if I just used the correct lingo in that sentence. I can imagine you all cringing/snorting with laughter.  It’s pathetic, I know.) We’ll let you know when/if it’s up and running (read: I’ll post here when/if *A* makes the Facebook page and gives me the link).



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