A Glass Half-Empty Kind of Guy

glass half empty*A* and I are an interesting balance – I bake the cheesecakes, she fixes the plumbing. I mow the yard, she turns herself into Julia Child on Sunday afternoons. I’m the worrier, she eagerly anticipates good things.  I’ve always described myself as a “realist,” (code for pessimist, I admit), she’s the sunny optimist.  It’s not that I want to dread the worst, it’s just, I suppose, that I’m preparing myself for it and can be genuinely surprised when it doesn’t happen.  She expects the best and is frequently rewarded, but is totally taken aback when the worst happens.

It’s good that we opposites have each other right now, as the waiting to get to the Official Wait drags on.  We’re mired in (seemingly) endless Dear Birthmother edits at the moment, moving on from the text to the photos.  Turns out none of those photos from our last post were exactly what our editor wanted – which, though we followed all of the detailed instructions as best we could, became a request for a precise combination of the facial expressions from one photo, but the body language from another…  We’re trying to work out the details without putting ourselves through another half-day photo shoot, which couldn’t happen any time soon with our weird schedules, especially trying to re-create the location and lighting from the first photography extravaganza.

downward spiral

In the meantime…TIME TIME TIME!!! We really hoped to be “in the books” by August 1st, and it’s nearing the end of August and we’re close, but probably still another month away (oh, please let it happen before OCTOBER).  This week is the deadline for hearing from our social worker about the Homestudy report, too, which we’ve been waiting for on pins and needles for weeks.  Lots of stuff going on, lots of things being worked on – progress being made?  Eh…?

Right now, the hardest part (for me) is that it’s out of our hands.

And so we wait.

And while we wait, the ever-patient and sunny *A* gently and consistently reminds me that positivity causes good things to happen.  So, in an effort to reform my sorry glass-half-empty ways, I will give it my best shot:

YES, the pictures we decided on are just fine!

YES, we will hear about the Home Study very soon!

YES, we are making progress!

YES, we’re closer than we’ve ever been before!

YES, this is going to happen!

YES, this will all make sense one day!

YES, we’re doing more than playing make-believe!

YES, someone will choose us!





8 thoughts on “A Glass Half-Empty Kind of Guy

    • Awwww…thanks for the encouragement, Shelly! You are a great friend and I am glad you are following our journey 🙂

  1. Don’t let the muggles get you down”! I thought of you two when I read that – giggle. It will happen, and then you will wonder why I didn’t do that or that while I was waiting…….!!?!?

    • Wow, Mom – never thought I’d read something you wrote referencing Harry Potter! 🙂 I know you’re right – and you’ve got to admit I’m working on it- when’s the last time you heard that much positivity from a member of the Livingston family?

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