Control + P: Print!

nearly thereIf you also follow the Littlest Brooks-Livingston on Facebook, (please do!)  you already know our happy news from Wednesday: our file  (Dear Birthparent letter, the home study, all paperwork, all clearances, our IHeartAdoption site, everthing) was officially approved!  We are so excited to be finally NEARLY there!

What we’re waiting on now is for the IAC’s recommended printer, located in California, to print 200 copies of our letter.  As soon as we heard the news about approval, I hopped on the printer’s website and ordered the prints.  The printing itself takes a few days, then they’ll be sent UPS Ground from California across the country to our house in North Carolina.  We’ll divide them up and send around 50-75 to the agency’s headquarters in California (all the way back across the country) and a handful to our agency’s office in North Carolina as well.  We’ll keep the rest to either distribute ourselves or to replenish the California office’s supply when they run out. Once the letters are in the hands of the folks in the California office, though, we’ll be “in the books” and officially waiting to find or be found by a to-be-birthparent.

About our Facebook page: *A* and I don’t have expansive lists of Facebook friends – I am still in the stone ages in regards to “the Facebook,” but I have to say that when we posted our news on Wednesday on Facebook, through friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, we got over 150 views! I may have to eat my words about Facebook, at least for the purposes of our adoption process.  If you aren’t yet following us, please do – you never know how it might help us find a to-be-birthparent! Click on the box on the right-hand column to like us. Easy-peasy.


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