The Art of Waiting

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In January, when we started down this path to open adoption and began this blog, I joined an online blogging group called Open Adoption Bloggers.  This is a network of “writers from all sides of open adoption, encompassing hundreds of blogs by adult adoptees, [birth / ] first parents, adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and extended family members.” It’s been a great resource for us, and through the OAB Blogroll, we’ve been able to connect with the blogs of hundreds of other families, and learn all about the various aspects of open adoption.

In July, I responded to OAB’s call for writers for the upcoming year, and was offered the opportunity to write a monthly column from the perspective of an adoptive parent.   I have much to learn, so I view this chance to write as an opportunity to begin a thoughtful conversation about our experiences so far, the questions we had when we started, and the questions we have now.  From what I’ve read of others’ columns, this is a good, respectful forum for such conversations.

Hemingway quoteI decided to call the column “The Art of Waiting,” something that I have not at all mastered.  My first column, due out this upcoming Thursday (September 26th) is a version of a post I published on The Littlest BrooksLivingston in June. This was an especially difficult post to write, but one I felt was necessary to explain.  It also helped us verbally explore the reasons we are pursuing open adoption – to better help us explain it to family, friends, and other folks who need/want to know what that means.  Our agency, the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) published it on their blog in July. That was pretty neat – and some folks found our blog through that article, so we were able to make a few more connections, always important.

Generally speaking, I’m no Hemingway fan, but this quote feels appropriate sometimes, particularly  when I’ve revised a sentence/paragraph/blog post so many times the only thing to do is to walk away for a little while and come back to it with a less-scrambled brain. It’s funny how in the course of making a thought clearer, I inevitably muddle it further, especially when the subject matter is close to home, as it is with adoption.   Of course, Hemingway was an interesting bird for offering advice.  Another of his many quips is “Write drunk, edit sober.” I’ll leave that one alone.

I’ll be sure to post a link to my first column this next Thursday, when it’s published, and on subsequent dates–“The Art of Waiting” is slated for the 4th Thursday each month.


7 thoughts on “The Art of Waiting

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