Getting the Word Out: Here’s the Plan

A day ahead of schedule (that’s a first, UPS! Thanks!), we got both our postcards and our pass-along cards today.

The postcards (4×6):

Adoption Cards 001

The pass-along cards (not a great photo, sorry – they’re business card size, and they are not really blue-ish): 

Adoption Cards 002

We got some good suggestions from our last post about marketing with these cards and *A* and I had a conference call with our IAC Adoption Coordinator today, who also gave us some ideas and suggestions for getting the word out (using these cards and in other ways, too).

Here’s how we can use your help:

  • Since most of you live far away from us, you could help us tremendously by posting our pass-along cards or our postcards on public bulletin boards (in libraries, grocery stores, hotels, and churches, for example).  You could also leave them on the table at a restaurant after paying the check.
  • If you have a personal connection to a hospital, medical office, Planned Parenthood, or the like, and wouldn’t mind advocating on our behalf, we have a letter of introduction prepared to explain how you are trying to help us.  We would send several copies of that letter to you, as well as postcards and pass-along cards.
  • Sharing our Facebook posts  – we always post our blog posts on Facebook, and many of you have extensive networks of friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers.  Just a few quick clicks to share a post every now and then would be helpful!
  • Joining our email chain: within the next week, we will be sending an email to all of our contacts, encouraging each of those contacts to forward the email to their contacts. That could potentially be a lot of people, and you never know – even if you think you might not be able to help, the number of adoptions that take place through word-of-mouth networking is really quite surprising.  Although you may not know of anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you never know if a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend of a friend is.

What we’re working on:

  • All of the above
  • A letter of introduction that *A* and I will mail out or hand deliver, and include a couple of the pass-along cards and the postcards, and possibly a Dear Birthmother Letter as well.  Our “target” locations: health clinics, Planned Parenthood, hospital emergency rooms, pregnancy centers. Rather than just mailing these packets out, we’re going to try to find a contact person at each location.  This might be rather ambitious, but we think worth a shot.

If you would like to help with hard-copy form of networking:

  • Email us at (replace the AT with @).  Please include your address so that we can send you some postcards and pass-along cards.


We would be ever so grateful for your help – and if you feel that you’d prefer to help in another way –
or by sending us good vibes and encouragement – that would be most welcome, too!  Thank you in advance, everyone – you never know – you might be the very person that brings us one step closer to becoming a family!


4 thoughts on “Getting the Word Out: Here’s the Plan

  1. Ethan and Angela,
    Angie and I would be more than happy to do our part. As you know we live very close to DCH, The University of Alabama and The Health Department. I would be happy to distribute anything you want to send my way. I also have family in Vermont and Missouri who would also jump in to give you a hand. Feel free to send some stuff my way and I will get on with the process of helping. No one wants to make this happen for you more than Angie and I. Any children would be happy to have you as their parents.
    Our address is 97 Circlewood, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
    Love you both, Dawn and Angie

    • Hi Angie & Dawn!
      Thanks so much for the help! I’ll put together a little marketing packet and get it in the mail pronto! Would it be better for me to mail something directly to other family members (Vermont & Missouri), or should it come from you? (so they know who we are!)

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