Fall’s our Favorite: Family Halloween Costumes

Like I’ve mentioned before, we’re big fans of fall.  Every October and usually into November, we read our favorite old-school ghost stories (more on this in another post), we cook fall-flavored food, and we get outside as much as we can.

Neither *A* nor I were big on Halloween when we were kids – that’s just how we were raised.  As grown-ups, both of us have always wanted to go to a Halloween party – in costume, of course.

We’re looking forward to Halloween fun with our kids, and while they’ll still tolerate it, we’re all about some funny family costumes.  We’ve found lots of do-it-yourself family costume ideas –  check out our favorites so far (in no particular order) – and, should you be in the market for costumes yourself, click on the photo for info on how to make them.

#6: Care Bears 

Halloween Costumes - Care Bears

*A* loved the Care Bears when she was little. Yeah, I’m not volunteering for Grumpy Bear duty.

#5: S’mores

Halloween Costumes - Smores

The graham crackers remind me of the one Halloween costume I had in college – it was a last-minute decision to go to a party on campus and everyone else had a costume.  I didn’t have anything, but I did have some white posterboard.  I tied it together over my shoulders and tied a marker on too and went as a dry-erase board (what dorm room doesn’t have a dry erase board?) I won the costume contest for “most creative.” (It was a small party). How much fun would this s’mores costume be – dressing up your toddler as a marshmallow!

#4: Popcorn VendorsHalloween Costumes - Popcorn

IF we have a summer baby and IF we get to go to a Halloween party, this one’s a must.  Especially since at every outdoor activity we do at the museum where I work, I run the popcorn machine.

#3: Banana Tree & Monkeys

Halloween Costumes - Monkey Tree

Now that’s just funny.  I can’t believe those kids aren’t terrified of the huge thing on her head. Maybe she wore it around the house to get them used to it. (Now that’s an even funnier idea).

#2: Where’s Waldo?

Halloween Costumes - Where's Waldo

Found him! (and Mrs. and wee Waldo, too! )

#1: Leprechaun & Pot of GoldHalloween Costumes - Leprechaun

Well, I guess this is my favorite because this is what our pot of gold holds right now, that’s for sure.

*A* can hold the rainbow (she already does). 🙂

Yep, Halloween is going to be so much fun with kids.


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