Flashback Friday

dresser before

This may look like a beat up old dresser to you.  It may look like something you’d find on Craigslist for $20, or at Goodwill.  Nope.  What you’re looking at is probably one of the most sentimental pieces of furniture in our house.  My dad’s parents bought him and his brother this dresser when they were kids in the 1940s.  My parents used it first for my sister, when she was born, and then (skipping my brother, I guess) it became my dresser.  Now we’re going to use it for the littlest Brooks-Livingston, when he or she comes along. The 3rd generation.

dresser sticker

When they originally bought it, my grandparents left it unfinished – that’s how my dad used it.  Before my sister was born, our folks painted it white.  It looks sort of not-white here (you’d maybe call it eggshell, off white, smoker’s teeth…one of those), and after I started sanding it, I saw just how many years of accumulated kid grime this dresser has been through!  It was like an archaeology project, as I sanded much of it down to bare wood again.  You can see the difference in the paint color this picture, where I sanded the top drawer facing before remembering to take a before picture.  I hadn’t sanded any of the others.

See that scratchy place on the second drawer from the top? That’s the twenty-some-year-old remains of a scratch-and-sniff sticker I brought home from the dentist (do dentists still give kids stickers and little rubber erasers in the shape of a car?) I got in so much trouble for sticking that thing to this dresser.  *A* has a cabinet that she’s had since childhood that currently holds her childhood doll collection – and one side of it is covered in The Land Before Time stickers. Yes, still.  Sitting in construction the other day, I glanced over at the backseat window where a big kid car seat sat, or at least I think that’s what it was, so bejeweled with stickers was the entire window, it was hard to see through it.  This stickering thing seems to be a theme.  I’ll file that away.  (And remember it when I’m scraping stickiness off of something one day a few years from now.)

We’ve been working on baby’s room for a long time – about 2 years now.  We’ve changed our minds several times about the set-up of the room (heck, we’ve moved since we started actively thinking about it, so we’ve changed houses since then), and it was only this summer when we came to the realization that we could use this dresser.  We have a low, horizontal dresser that we’re planning to use as a changing table and for holding cloth diapers, blankets, etc. This dresser will be for clothes.Irish Paddock

We have stuck with one of the first decisions we made: paint color.  On a trip to Lowe’s, we decided we really wanted something in the green family and settled pretty quickly on this one.  It’s called Irish Paddock, and if you’re looking for it, the ID number is 5006-4A.

We painted the other dresser this color, too, as well as a nightstand and a bookcase.  Although we acquired these pieces of furniture separately and several years apart, their plain and basic design and their matching paint color makes them look sort of like they match.  But nothing else in our house matches, so there you go.  We figure matchy-matchy is sort of boring anyway. Our place is sort of a celebration of the eclectic.

In any case, are you ready for the “After” photo?  dresser after

So now, this dresser begins a fourth life.  More photos of the room to come, after we hang some artwork.


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