A Bushel and a Peck

When I was a kid, if I was going to be apart from my parents for a while, my mom used to remind me, while giving me a goodbye hug, “I love you, a bushel and a peck!  And a hug around the neck!” It always made me smile – it so exemplifies my mom’s personality.  I always thought she got it from her parents – that it was just an old-timey saying.

When I saw the movie Julie & Julia for the first time (it’s one of *A*’s favorites), I was surprised / confused to hear “bushel and a peck”  in a song (did they know my mom?!).  I’m showing my youth, apparently, because I’d never heard the actual song that phrase came from.  Turns out, I’m showing my general not-a-fan-ness of musicals, too –  it was originally created for Guys & Dolls, a musical made into a film in 1955.  Doris Day made a radio version and cleaned it up a bit – that’s the version on the movie soundtrack. The song was apparently wildly popular – listen to it here:

PS: That song should come with a warning: will get stuck in your head for indefinite periods! No need to thank me. 🙂

Still, Doris Day, Guys & Dolls, and Julie & Julia aside, this little saying will always make me think of my mom, and our kids will get to grow up with Grammy’s saying, too.  While looking for something else, I found this print on Etsy, hand drawn by shop owner Mandy England of Mandipidy.  Someone more technologically gifted than me saw that print and re-envisioned it (below), then had it printed on canvas.  They are selling the file they made so you can print it yourself.  Hmm….we’ll have to get this print for baby’s room, don’t you think, *A*?  bushel and a peck


3 thoughts on “A Bushel and a Peck

  1. How well I remember this song!

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. You two deserve only the best. Hugg around the neck, Sherry

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