Not-so-lazy Sunday

*A* posting again!

Sundays are a great day to be lazy – the weekend is ending and the new week hasn’t yet gotten going.  It’s nice to sleep late, spend time together, go for a hike – all that good stuff.  Right now, *E* is the weekend guy at the museum, so he works on Sunday afternoons – we’re happy that he only has two more Sundays (the museum is closed on Sundays from November through April).  From May through October, our Sundays are sort of interrupted, but it has allowed me the chance to start our new Sunday Dinners (Sunday Suppers, I guess, to be accurately Southern, right?) tradition.


 You sniffed it in the air, the wonderful smells of fall! Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pumpkin and all spice. Wondering where that smell was coming from today? Well, it was coming from our house! Going along with a fall theme for Sunday dinner, today was no different.  *E* usually does breakfast on Sundays.  Sometimes we settle on a favorite and linger on it for a few weeks, but this week was a new one: gingerbread doughnuts.  *E* got a doughnut pan last year for Christmas and regularly scouts around for good recipes – but baked ones, so they aren’t awful for you.  A friend of ours recently pointed out that if doughnuts are meant to be fried, baking them renders them sort of muffin-y – eh, I don’t know.  I just know they’re good.

Sorry, no pictures on this one because…well…um….we ate them! Well, 4 of them anyway. They were great paired with a good cup of coffee, sitting on the front porch with Tucker and watching the birds eat from our bird feeder and take a bath in our clogged up gutters.  We borrowed the photo below from the recipe’s website. We didn’t make mini-doughnuts – other than that, they were identical. Click the photo to go to the recipe.

gingerbread doughnuts

The menu for this Sunday was something warm to the belly on a chilli Fall day, potato soup in a
bread bowl. No, it wasn’t as good as Panera, IT WAS BETTER! I made peasant bread and divided it up to make small bread bowls and then a loaf of bread. The soup made quite a lot, we have enough to freeze for later in the winter. I used russet potatoes, chicken broth, onions (Yes, Linda, *E* ate something he KNEW had onions in it), garlic, half-n-half, cheese, and bacon (mostly turkey) for the top. It was creamy and delicious!

sunday dinner 10-13-2013 004

For dessert: pumpkin spice bundt cake with cream cheese frosting.  *E* has the verdict of whether or not this goes to my work place tomorrow. Anyone who works with me, I wouldn’t hold your breath. This was an easy recipe with a simple, easy frosting. Another create fall-inspired recipe to hang on to for later.

sunday dinner 10-13-2013 011

But wait…There’s more! *E* made pumpkin brownies for his co-workers in order to make their staff retreat tomorrow a little more tolerable (and pumpkin-y!) Click on photo for recipe. Pumpkin-swirl-brownies-1024x685

Ok-time to turn off the oven!


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