A Great Big Thank You!

In the past few days, we’ve been experiencing a whirlwind of Facebook likes and blog views – we’re up to 88 likes and our blog had more than 150 views yesterday!

Our adoption story has just being the two of us for so long, it has overwhelmed us that so many people care about us and want to help.  Many of you we don’t even know, and some of you we rarely get to see!  Thank you so much for your help in sharing our information – we truly appreciate it, more than you might ever imagine!

I hope some good karma comes your way very soon! Good vibes all around!

good vibes

PS: Someone on Facebook asked a great question that I’ll repeat here: what is the correlation between adoption and Facebook likes?  No, we don’t instantly get a kid if we get 100 likes 🙂 – it’s all about getting our information out there, and social media can be a strategic tool in that endeavor.  Please check out this post if you’d like some more information about how we’re hoping to adopt through open adoption.  And thank you again for sharing our story – which you are now a part of!


4 thoughts on “A Great Big Thank You!

    • Not necessarily, although now that you mention it, there was an awful lot of love in 1960s San Francisco! We just meant it to say we hope good things come back around to the folks that were so kind to us in passing our adoption hopes and dreams along 🙂


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