Just a Swingin’

swings large

October is a big month of special dates for *A* and I.  On one of our dates this month, we wound up in a little park that had a swing set, some weird-looking things to climb, and a slide.  I’m not great with swings these days (inner ear trouble), but *A* lost no time in hopping on a swing (singing a clip from a little tune called “Just a Swingin‘” her dad used to sing to her when she was little.

Spending a few minutes at the playground made me think about the playgrounds that we’ll be spending lots of time on in a few years – and those I spent time when I was little.  Oddly, I don’t recall a terribly positive experience with swings when I was a kid (monkey bars or slides – different story).  I had a swing set in my backyard when I was a kid – but I think I spent more time hanging upside down from the top bar than I did actually swinging.  I also remember an ill-fated attempt at swinging from a rope swing tied over a creek – my understanding of when to let go of the rope was a little…er….muddy.

Still, though, when I think about the various dad-tivities that I want to do with our kids, making them a rope swing like this one ranks right up there near the top. rope swing

When we moved into the house where we live now, I scouted out the best swinging tree (also good hammock trees).  We’ve got a couple of decent options, but we’ll probably start out with something a little more bucket-seat oriented, just to be on the safe side. Which reminds me…I do remember getting in swinging competitions when I was a kid – the object being to swing as hard and as high as possible and when you get to the highest point, you somehow scooch out of the swing and fly to the ground.  Whoever landed the farthest away won, presuming he or she didn’t break a body part.  Great game.  One that got me in trouble at recess pretty regularly (Did  you know about this, Mom?  Cat’s out of the bag now…)


2 thoughts on “Just a Swingin’

  1. NO, I didn’t know about that! This is something else that Kim failed to tell me (since you obviously didn’t)?


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