Ghosties and Molasses

*A* and I are headed to a pumpkin carving, ghost story tellin’, marshmallow roasting, good eatin’ good time this evening.  We’re looking forward to an evening with friends – we’ve had to turn down a couple of invitations because of work and we’re glad we could make it to this one. Tonight’s party is a potluck, and since bakers we are, we’re bringing the sweet stuff for the party.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Saucepan Molasses CookiesFirst, there’s our Saucepan Molasses Cookies. They were easy-peasy to make and taste like all the flavors of fall (minus pumpkin) in a cookie.  Just a smidge on the chewy side, and not too sweet, they turned out really well.  We’re adding this one to the list of cookies to stir up with our kids since they were easy and super quick to make – everyone’s about instant gratification when it comes to cookies.

Our second recipe was a little more…well, sticky, and a lot less quick.  Using this recipe as inspiration, *A*, the fearless meringue maker, made a batch of Ghosties, which we have dubbed these meringue ghost cookies.

ghosties 2

ghosties eyeballsThese were pretty easy to make, but were a little more challenging to form.  *A* used a piping bag and large tip to form the “bodies” of the ghosts.  After each body was formed, I came along with our bowl of eyeballs (mini chocolate chips) to make sure our ghosties can see where they’re going – well, I guess that would mean they can see who is about to eat them.  Weird.

Some of the ghosties had stronger personalities than others.  Take this guy, for example: ghosties elvis

Obviously, he’s Elvis.  In edible ghost form.  And with a little bit of orange sugar pizzazz.  Clearly, this is from Elvis’ later years, when he regularly wore brightly colored sequined jumpsuits and had fantastic sideburns.  Judge for yourself:


You see it, right?  It’s good to see ol’ Elvis is still with us in some form.  Until somebody eats him. The meringue version of him.  That just got weird. Nevermind.

However you’re spending your Sunday, we hope it’s a fun one!


3 thoughts on “Ghosties and Molasses

  1. Cute! I don’t even remember having the patience to do these kinds of things – I’m sure I did at one point but it has been so long……

    • Well, not to dissuade anyone thinking of making the ghosties – it was a sticky, sticky job! They taste good, though!

      I remember you and I making pretzels one time – it took up the entire time Pop had gone to a hockey game. “Never again,” I believe is a direct quote. 🙂


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