Chocolate Iced Creme Filled

Hot Now sign

krispy kreme factory

If you’re from the southern U.S., you probably grew up knowing all about Krispy Kreme and the power of this sign. Krispy Kreme, for those of you who have yet to encounter it, is a doughnut “factory.”  They make quite a few different kinds of doughnuts, some yeast, some cake, but their signature doughnut is the plain glazed yeast doughnut.  When these come rolling down the little “factory” line, through the fryer, under the glaze and around the bend to be boxed, they light up the sign and apparently people come a-runnin’.

I was sort of surprised to find that Krispy Kreme is all over the world now – when I was looking up info for this post, I discovered that not only are they in the U.K. (even in Shakespeare’s old hometown), they’re in Australia, Japan, Thailand…

All those places are a long way from Huntsville, Alabama, where I had my first encounter with Krispy Kreme at who knows what age – the womb, probably, eh, Mom?  Well, I don’t remember a huge affection for Krispy Kreme doughnuts when I was a kid – my dad wasn’t a fan because they do sort of dissolve in your mouth and other than the sugar high, you can easily forget you ate one.  I do remember seeing the sign light up advertising newly baked doughnuts “hot now” and joking that probably every cop in town was racing that way.

krispy kreme chocolate iced kreme filled

On our first date, *A* and I went out to eat in Tuscaloosa, went to a park that turned out to be one of our favorites after we moved to town, and before we headed back to our respective dorms that night, we stopped at Krispy Kreme. Without knowing it was each other’s favorite, we both ordered a chocolate iced creme filled doughnut and some coffee.  Still on first date behavior, when we got up to the counter to pay, I nervously realized that I had spent the last of my money paying for our dinner (I was a young ‘un, no credit card).  So, first date or no, I had to ask *A* to pay for our doughnuts.  So embarrassed…

Since that first date, we’ve always had soft spot for those particular doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.  We even had them at our wedding as the groom’s cake (I bought them that time). We were upset to hear that the Krispy Kreme building in Tuscaloosa had been wiped out, leveled along with many other buildings in that area when a tornado struck in April 2011.  Tuscaloosa has been rebuilding, though, we’re happy to hear – and apparently a new, improved Krispy Kreme opened in the summer of 2012 – complete with digital menus and “living room areas.”  I’ll bet there’s the same old traffic jam getting into the parking lot when that sign lights up, though – some things never change!

Last Friday, we headed to our new favorite local metropolis, Winston-Salem.  We’ve lived in this general neck of the woods for four years now, and only in the past year have we started spending more time there – it’s an interesting place, though it’s much too big for us for any longer than a day on the town (apparently we’re country mice).  We toured our favorite shops, caught a ghost tour at Old Salem (a reconstructed historic Moravian town – think Colonial Williamsburg on a smaller, less dramatic scale, and with a Moravian twist), and then discovered we wanted something sweet (and coffee).  We had passed a Krispy Kreme earlier*, and since it was on the way home…

And of course we ordered our usual, chocolate iced creme filled doughnuts.  And as I was reaching for my wallet, *A* said, “Nope – I’ve got it.  It’s tradition.”

Though stopping at Krispy Kreme only happens maybe once a year, this tradition is close to our hearts and it’s on the list of things we’ll be sharing with our kids – the tradition for chocolate iced creme filled doughnuts, of course, and the other part of it, too – the reminder that chivalry can go both ways.

*According to their history page, it turns out Krispy Kreme not only started in Winston-Salem, but right there in what is now Old Salem back in 1937.  Well, whadda ya know. I knew I liked that place.

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6 thoughts on “Chocolate Iced Creme Filled

  1. Helllllooooo……Krispy Kreme donuts are only the best donuts made…..I will take mine plain glazed please. You can keep the filled ones…just leave my light bits of sugary fluff alone! Since I don’t get to see that sign light up where I am….I have to wait until I have the chance to drive by the one in Huntsville and get a whiff of that sugary deliciousness that is the Krispy Kre plain glazed donut.

    • Well, they are tradition, so I won’t knock them, but our favorite doughnut shop in the whole wide world (so far) is a little place called All Star Donuts on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. But we’re still exploring our options – that’s one of our favorite things to do when we visit a new place – scope out a doughnut shop.

  2. I do like Krispy Kreme but, as Dad says, there is no substance – it’s gone before you can really savor it.


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