It’s the Little Things…

Little Things

Today, on my first Sunday off since April 28th*, we:

  • Slept late
  • Tried a new baked doughnut recipe
  • Went on a walk together in crunchy fall leaves and blue-sky sunshine
  • Ran some errands – grocery store and the like
  • Watched a couple of Modern Family episodes (again)
  • Finally (!) carved pumpkins
  • Caught up with my folks over the phone
  • Ate Sunday dinner – fantastic new recipe: Chicken Apple Chili
  • About to watch our two favorite versions of Sleepy Hollow

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hurry-scurry of daily life, especially since here lately we’ve only had snippets of time off together.  We’re glad it won’t always be this way – but while we’re trying to save all we can so that when The Littlest Brooks-Livingston arrives we’ll be able to make a big change, sometimes it’s just good to appreciate the little things.  My favorite little thing – which is not actually so little – is just time spent together.  Today was well spent.

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*Technically, I think I managed to scavenge two Sundays off work this summer and fall, but who’s counting? I’m just glad for Sundays at home until May. Yay for that!



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