Doodlebug Club: Sssslithery Ssssnakes!

snakesMy little preschool art class – Doodlebug Club – was alive with slithery snakes today.  Not real ones, of course, because then I wouldn’t have been there.  I share Indiana Jones‘ sentiments about snakes.  Nope, these were artsy snakes painted by preschool kids – most of which were not poisonous…or so I thought…more on that in a minute.

This was a super fun project and, like most of the things I find or cook up, was pretty cheap.  I found this project, labeled as  both animal-oriented and recycled, on an artsy-mom blog.  Perfect for preschoolers.

snake supplies

You know those cardboard-ish trays that separate layers of fruit in the boxes sent to your local grocery store?  That’s where our snake bodies came from.  I stopped in at a local chain grocery store and talked to the produce guy – he was able to save quite a few for me (snakes galore!).  We used washable paint in as many colors as each artist wanted, with big fat preschool paintbrushes.

snake face

Here’s an individual unpainted snake.  Post painting, we attached googly eyes and a red foam tongue using  Elmer’s glue.

snake 1

Beware the purple-headed viper.  Looks harmless – even friendly.  But deadly.  Or so I was told.

snake 2

Then there’s the black and red boy constriptor, who squooshes your insides. Also very bad.

snake 3

The highly poisonable (?) raddle-snake. They bite off your toes.

I had no idea that we were painting such fearsome creatures – not a one of the 5 boys (and one little toddler girl, poor thing!) in the class today likes snakes.  Weird – well, for preschool boys, anyway.  At the end, one little guy took home his entirely black snake, whom he had named Sid. Not sure the story there – if Sid was good or bad.  Sid seemed to be smiling, but you never know about snakes.  Shifty little creatures.

This project was a lot of fun – I got quite the education about snakes in the process. I’ll definitely be up for painting snakes with The Littlest Brooks-Livingston some day – but anything other than the cardboard variety, boy constriptors or raddle-snakes or the like…probably not gonna happen, outside of a zoo.  Sorry kid, you’ll be on your own with that one.

What is Doodlebug Club?
I work at an art and history museum, and one of the best parts of my job is working with kids.    I teach a weekly preschool art class called Doodlebug Club, where I get to try out all sorts of ideas that will become some of the fun things that we will do with our Littlest Brooks-Livingston.  I’ve never had any real art training, but I think it’s a lot of fun, and to me, it’s very important to make art more approachable than it ever seemed when I was a kid.If you’d like to read about more of the projects we’ve done in Doodlebug Club, click here.  Check out my Doodlebug Club Pinterest board here.


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