Confessions of a Band Geek

TREE400MusicTree [Converted]It’s me, *A*, posting this time.  My whole life music has been there. I was in the band starting in 6th grade and stayed in until I graduated from high school. I started out playing the clarinet, which is what my mom played when she was in the band. When I got to high school, I started playing the contrabass clarinet (see this comparatively huge instrument pictured below – it’s being played by a fellow band geek I don’t know).


It was awesome! There was one time when our band was at a concert band competition and the stage we were playing on had small chairs that made it very difficult for me to play. So, the obvious solution, give the girl playing the contrabass clarinet a stool to sit on where she sticks out above the entire band. 

As a teenager, I was in choir at my church. Singing was something I felt good about and enjoyed doing. When I went to college, I was in the choir and the vocal ensemble. I also took voice lessons from an amazing woman, who is still teaching voice at 84 years old! She was great and she taught me a lot. Choir, ensemble, and voice were my favorite times during the week.  While in college, the choir toured England, Scotland, and Wales for 2 weeks every 3 years. I was lucky to be able to go twice, once when I was a freshman and once when I was a senior. Also, when I was a senior, the choir was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. We were part of 5 choirs that were invited from around the country. The most awesome part was my choir was picked to give a prelude concert! Singing is something that gives me great joy. I listen to all types of music, it really runs the gamut. I love to crank up the 80s music when I am cleaning. It gives me energy to get it all done, while Tucker stares up at me from his big, green pillow thinking I am crazy dancing with the vacuum cleaner. It is also a great mood stabilizer, better than any pill on the market! I can listen to an awesome song and come up out of a sad state quicker than anything. It also is comforting when I need it to be. Every time I am in the car, the radio is on or I am playing one of my favorite CDs. I also like musicals, and one of my favorites is Rent, which I watch it a lot.

*E* would like to interject here that he is not a fan of musicals. I concur. He is not a fan of musicals.  There’s a lot of eye-rolling when I’m blasting the Rent soundtrack.

Naturally, I want music to be a part of our child’s life. I already have plans to sing to them at night. I want to encourage a love of music. If our child joins the band or sings, that would be awesome! If they don’t, that is cool too. I want them to appreciate the greatness of music, all types. I’m already making a list of songs I want to sing to our child:

1) Build Me Up-The Foundations

2) Return to Sender-Elvis

3) Save the Last Dance for Me-The Drifters


Just a few examples. I don’t have the time, and I’m sure you, the reader, don’t have time to look at all my songs that I would like to sing to our child. Sadly, Sesame Street was not a huge part of my childhood. I want that to be different for our child because Sesame Street uses music to teach kids a lot of great things, including:

Stress management with Elmo

Being proud of themselves

Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than belting out a song or sitting a listening to a song that brings back great memories. Music-no better therapy!

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5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Band Geek

  1. I saw a T-shirt I’m thinking about buying. It says: I may be old but I saw all the great bands!!! ’bout the only advantage of being older, actually. I remember getting to stay at home from church the night Ed Sullivan had the Beatles on his program!!! That was a total memorable moment.

    Probably not really relevant to your post but …….

    • Oh, I agree – you were around for all the really good music – back when people still played their instruments in pop songs. I still can’t believe Grandpa let you stay at home to see the Beatles on tv. I’ll bet he was curious himself, you think?

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