Marking the Months: Month-by-Month Baby Picture Ideas

I am continually amazed at how quickly babies grow and change in their first year.  In the past few months, a few of the adoptive families whose story we follow online have brought home their first child and we have watched the progression from teeny-tiny wobbly balls of newborn-ness to slightly larger fuzzy coupla-weeks-old and still wobbly baby and eventually to comparatively massive straining at the 0-3 month onesie 2 month old marshmallow kid.  All that in just a few weeks.  It’s fascinating to watch, bystanders that we are.  And it’s made us think about how we’re going to capture those stages of progression in the first couple of years.  (We have some ideas for marking the years, too, but you’ve already read about those.)

Of course, we in the Brooks-Livingston household are no strangers to Pinterest, so we started looking for some ideas.  We found all sorts of creative ways of marking the months and now we have to figure out which we like best.

The first ideas we found quite a while ago involve a little sticker that you can stick to the front of baby’s clothes.

marking the months 6


These stickers are all over Etsy in various fun little graphics like these, these, and these (with owls!).  Lots of choices.  Probably too many.  I’m not sure *A* is entirely jazzed up over the sticker idea being the only monthly marker photo, though I think we both like it in addition to something else.  And after you see the something elses to follow, you’ll understand why.

One of the best ideas we saw measures the little one against a stuffed animal.  Since it’s a family tradition (started by my dad) to get each new addition to the family a teddy bear, this one is a viable option.  It would require a bit of photo editing, and we don’t really have the software for that (other than what you can manage with Powerpoint, but I hear PicMonkey is a useful online photo editor, so we might be able to give that a go.

marking the months 1


Another one that’s made the rounds on Pinterest is this idea, which is only a headshot, so you don’t get the full effect of how much the entire baby is growing and changing.  Still, it’s fun.

marking the months 2


We’ve also been thinking that it would be fun to include little bits of information along with capturing the growth spurts and changes.  Just so we can remember all the little details that make babyhood so endearing….and there are some great ideas out there for that, too, of course.  I think one of the things we like most about this version of the monthly photograph idea is that these would also be great to send to our kid’s birth family, keeping them up to date on all the little changes going on each month, both growth and personality-wise. These ideas return us back to the need for photo-editing…

marking the months 3


We’re not as well artistically inclined as these folks, but we like this idea, too:

marking the months 4source

This one is kind of different – you take a monthly photo, however you want it to look, and you upload the photo to this chalkboard template, available for purchase here.  You compose a letter to your child and upload it to the chalkboard graphic and it looks just like this.  This is if you want to print a book, which seems like it might be a good way to display these.  Hmmm…..

marking the months 5source

So these are our favorites so far, but of course there are more.  And we’re still collecting ideas. But if we’re going to start at the beginning, it’s good to go ahead and figure out which one we’re leaning towards.   Which do you like best for the Littlest Brooks-Livingston, when we bring him/her/them home?


2 thoughts on “Marking the Months: Month-by-Month Baby Picture Ideas

  1. I like the last one – you can write relevant information and there would be no guessing later on what was going on at the time.


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