Doodlebug Club: Torn Paper Owls

all owls 3

Doodlebug Club this week was alive with flapping feathers, huge orange claws, and giant yellow eyes.  Luckily they were all made out of paper and were easily dealt with – but it took some preschool wranglers the better part of 45 minutes to get them under control.  🙂

This week we made owls from torn brown construction paper and pre-cut owl parts (eyes, legs, feet, beaks – 3rd week in a row I’ve cut out eyeballs – I really need to get one of those big circle punch things).  The kids had a great time tearing paper into bits (really? I can just tear it?!),  sorting the 4 different shades of brown into little piles, brandishing glue sticks with wild abandon, and deciding what shapes their owls would be.  They all turned out differently  – this project was a great one for individuality.

E's owlThis (above) was one of the examples I made to show the kids.

A's owl.png This was *A*’s example – she got recruited to do one too – and hers turned out very different from mine.

Stacy This is Mr. Why’s owl.


Leo’s owl.


For the first time in weeks, we were joined by a little girl Doodlebug – Katy. This is Katy’s owl.


This one is my favorite (shh!! I’m not supposed to have favorites!)  It’s an owl in flight, done by little 4-year-old Chase.  He looks sort of angry.  An Angry Bird.  Heheh.

And of course, I always like to read them a story (or two) at the end of the class – one that has something to do with the art they just finished.  This week, we read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  It’s a beautifully illustrated and poetic book about a little girl and her dad who go out owling (trying to see an owl) late one night during a full moon.  It’s winter and there’s snow on the ground and lots of discussion about quiet and the dark woods.  It went well  – though some younger siblings that accompanied the artists in the audience were making their presence known rather loudly.  There was a rousing chorus of hoots every few pages that was particularly funny (the dad tries to call an owl by hooting and it became sort of a call-and-response thing with the Doodlebugs).

Some excerpts from the book:

Owl Moon 1

Owl Moon 2

Owl Moon 3

  I’m glad this project turned out so well – I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.  With *A*’s love of owls, I know the Littlest and I will tackle this project (probably many times over) someday. And the book’s already on the ol’ wishlist.

You know, thinking ahead for next week’s Doodlebug Club project –  I think I’ll steer clear of anything requiring pre-cut eyeballs.  Or beaks.  Or bird-legs.  Or bird-toes.  🙂

doodlebugWhat is Doodlebug Club?
I work at an art and history museum, and one of the best parts of my job is working with kids.    I teach a weekly preschool art class called Doodlebug Club, where I get to try out all sorts of ideas that will become some of the fun things that we will do with our Littlest Brooks-Livingston.  I’ve never had any real art training, but I think it’s a lot of fun, and to me, it’s very important to make art more approachable than it ever seemed when I was a kid.If you’d like to read about more of the projects we’ve done in Doodlebug Club, click here.  Check out my Doodlebug Club Pinterest board here.


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