Back in the Saddle Again

back by popular demand

Hello there! Remember us?  Yeah, it’s been a while.  After being gently poked, prodded, and finally jerked back into reality by a couple of caring and devoted readers (thanks, Mom and Sherry) who were wondering what was going on (and if we’d collectively fallen in a ditch somewhere)  I realized that I needed to climb back into the blogging saddle again. And they’re quite right.

You see, when we first got “in the books,” back in September, I decided that I would put my anxiety and impatience to better use than what typically comes of such emotions and challenge myself to blog every single day.  And I did that – for two months straight. It was indeed a challenge – I became numbers-obsessed, checking the blog more times a day than I care to admit to see how many people were reading what posts and how many people from various states visited (as of today, the only state we’re missing is Montana).  I participated in several different blogging groups and was all about networking and making connections with other people in the adoption blogging world.

After about 6 weeks, it got to be too much.  Writing blog posts themselves were difficult some days –topics aren’t always easily forthcoming and sometimes, even if they are, getting coherent thoughts on the screen takes a while.  I was spending enormous amounts of time in front of the computer screen instead of doing other things that I wanted to be doing, like spending extra time with *A*, or cooking, or doing the artsy-fartsy stuff that I like to do. And, truth be told, it felt like all the energy I was putting into not making myself crazy about the wait – well, it was actually making me a little crazy.  So I took a step back, which turned into taking a few weeks off.

There’s definitely a short-on-time element for all of us during the holidays, and apparently rather than just taking it down a notch and posting a few times a week, I practically flipped the blogging switch to off, using the Eeyore-like excuse that nothing’s happening adoption-wise right now, anyway (nor is it likely to with that attitude, Negative Nancy!)


So yeah, I fell off the blogging horse for a bit there.  I needed a break, I guess.  But, like I said, I am climbing back into the blogging saddle.  It’s still early in the game. There’s a lot to say. And really, I do get a lot out of blogging, and I appreciate it as a vehicle to share what’s going on with our adoption with our family and friends – and hopefully a special person or couple out there will stumble across it someday and help us continue our story – that is, after all, the ultimate goal, right?  Right.

I feel like I need another challenge. Maybe not daily posting (though henceforth, it will be much more regular than in these past few weeks).  I might come up with a self-imposed blogging goal or maybe, for at least one of those posts a week, I will concentrate on a particular part of our story or on adoption in general. Suggestions or thoughts are welcome.

As for the holidays themselves, *A* and I headed to Alabama, our old stomping ground.  We spent time with family – I managed a considerably lengthy escape from work thanks to the benevolence of a co-worker who covered for me one Saturday. We both came home feeling like we’d really gotten to spend good quality time. Most times, I think our visits feel too short.  We did lots of cooking in Alabama, some of our requested Sunday dinner recipes, one or two of which had mysteriously different results.  Weird.

Maybe one of the most memorable things we did, other than just spending quality time with everyone (including *A*’s grandparents, who are hilarious with their fantastic under-their-breath feisty comments), was to drag out the old slide projector and see some slides from way back in the day.  For Christmas, my mom got my dad this fancy gadget that converts old 35mm slides to a digital format.  He, like everyone else in the 1960s and 1970s, was wild about making slides, but by the time I came along, I don’t remember ever seeing many of them.  Dad had already moved on to other photographic techniques, and they were probably sort of fading from popularity by then generally.  These slides were fantastic – I saw pictures of my parents when they were dating (mid-1960s), the early years of their married life,  my sister and brother as kids (13 and 10 years older than me, respectively), and our grandparents.  There were also the requisite travel pictures, most before my time, but a few with me in them – those were pretty cool.  I apparently enjoyed Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls quite a lot (photos forthcoming, to be sure!)

grandparents in front of house

My mom’s parents in front of an old farmhouse where they lived before I was born.

Kim as a kid

My big sister as a kid.

I have to admit, ‘round about slide tray number 7 or 8 (Dad’s experience in the Air Force Reserve at Keesler Air Force Base in the ‘60s), the excitement had worn off just a bit and I might or might not have snored just a little.  It was a slide show, after all. It’s sort of what you’re supposed to do…  Just kidding, Pop! I’m looking forward to seeing more of these on our next visit!

For our part, *A* and I dragged out the holidays a little longer when we got home, waiting until New Year’s Day to do our Christmas with each other – that’s what we usually do.  It was a nice, quiet day.  Our holidays were good.

Now…back to it. (The kiddy spring horse is a completely intentional pun 🙂 ).

saddle up

Images credit: eric.surfdude via flickr and Kara’s party ideas.


8 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. Thank goodness you are back in the saddle. It is time you get over your Angst and enjoy just being alive. I must say I really missed your blog. When I used to get really uptight about something Maurie would ask if the sky were falling and look up. In my dotage I have calmed down a bit.

    • Oh, Sherry – it’s great to have such faithful supporters as you! And really, my absence wasn’t due to any angst at all – it was the mullygrubs more than anything, that and wanting to just take a breather. But I’ve got ahold of meself now, so here we go…

      Isn’t it great to have people in your life that remind you why you’re here after all? 🙂

  2. The honesty of your posts, I believe, is what really connects your audience. I found it humbling and refreshing. I loved it. The love you already have for your precious little one and your struggle to wait for them. Very moving stuff. I think its one of your best posts. You two are an amazing couple. Its going to happen for you, I just know it. I know it because of the wonderful parents that you are already.

  3. This stupid ethernet (orwhatever it is) won’t let me see the rest of the story. I’ll keep trying but most likely will have to wait until I get home. It is taking forever to go from one email to another…..

    LYM! Mom!

  4. I only found your blog in November, a month we had ZERO people check out our IAC page, and I was wondering if something was wrong with our URL. IAC asked if we were doing any marketing. We were not, except a Facebook page. I started creating a website a month into our “wait,” last April, when a birthmom chose us. We got to 2 days away from adopting her baby when it fell through. That was June, but by November, I had not returned to the website or created a blog and was seeing the impact. After IAC’s comment, “have you done any marketing?” I looked at Open Adoption Bloggers. Your blog inspired me to get in the saddle. I thought your weekly blog posts were your set schedule and I thought, okay, I can do that. So my goal has been once a week blogging, occasionally more, and I’ve done just that. So, thanks. Here’s to connecting with the right first parents and baby in 2014! ~Alexa

    • Alexa,

      It’s tough – we’re having a hard time figuring out this whole marketing thing. I feel like our blog is our best “product” (I can’t think of the more appropriate word I want to use here) because it does allow us the opportunity to update frequently, and it’s also really us – it’s our voices, our thoughts and feelings – on a day to day basis. If I were in an expectant parent’s shoes, that’s what I would want to see, not (what we now see as) the cookie-cutter letter the IAC requires. We’re realizing this in hindsight, of course. So now, it’s trying to connect the dots – if what we really want to project is the blog, then we’ve got to figure out a way to promote it more than the other stuff.

      I’m really glad to hear that our blog inspired you to blog more. And yes, here’s to making connections in this new year!


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