Three Day Bachelor & the Number 9

flying solo

I’m returning to my bachelor days (wait – college – that was *mumble mumble mumble* years ago) until Wednesday night – *A* is at a counseling conference for a few days.

It’s a little weird flying solo.  It’s pretty easy to get used to being a duo.  Makes me wonder what it might be like after we adopt, should one of these “professional development” trips come up for one of us, and the other one’s left home to fly solo with the young ‘un.  The house might not be intact upon the professionally developed person’s return.  You know, when the cat’s away…

In other news, our Dear Expectant Parent letter was sent out by our agency 9 times in the month of December.  (That’s up from 3 times in November).  It’s good news – more letters going out means more expectant parents seeing us, which means more possibility that someone will connect with us.  Also, there was an encouraging phone call from our adoption coordinator today, so I’m feeling a little more even keel than a couple of weeks ago, that’s for sure.  That’s good, heading into my mini-bachelorhood, where, left to my own devices, I might or might not have otherwise been rather inclined to mope about distractedly…

Photo courtesy Jadeadele via We Travel and Blog.


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