Here Comes the Sun

One morning this past week as I was making coffee for my ride into work, I flipped the radio on and a song came on that I had’t heard in quite a while.  It’s the Beatles’ (had no idea it was a Beatles song) “Here Comes the Sun.”  Never fails to make me smile.  The video (primarily photos of George Harrison, who wrote the song) isn’t all that important – but do give it a listen –

I was thinking, as I listened to the actual lyrics, that this song about a long winter that was finally beginning to look springy felt significant at that moment – not just because I’m ready for spring (I am, if tomorrow’s groundhog is listening!) but because it’s also a sweet little song about things getting better.  I’ve already written about how much encouragement means to me, but I haven’t mentioned much about how being an encourager is one of my top parenting priorities.  It’s right there at the top of the list amongst some other weighty parenting musts.

I’ll admit to a few *rare* moments when a reeeally good song and a really great day catches me in just the right mood and I might belt out a (probably off key) line or two (always solo – I’m way too self-conscious for singing in front of anyone).  This isn’t one of those belting-it-out songs, of course – but self-consciousness aside, I might just be the kind of dad who would sing this to his son or daughter.  Hopefully he or she won’t complain too loudly at my attempts.  🙂

On a related sunny note – I found some artwork on Etsy in a shop called Kateendle that might just find it’s way into our little one’s room, especially if I’m gonna be singing them a song about sunshine (behind closed doors):



2 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. George Harrison was my favorite. However, in later years, I learned he was also one of the ones who was most vocal about the identity/validity of Christ. Was he searching for truth???? Never read all of the press on that…..

    I do love the SUN picture. And the song …

    • I didn’t remember George Harrison being your favorite – I don’t think I knew you had a favorite Beatle. I knew John Lennon (my favorite, I guess, if I had one) wasn’t especially anyone else’s favorite at home 🙂

      Yeah, I might see if I can make my own version of that sunshine picture – or, if my artsiness fails me, we might get that one.


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