Trying Something New: Adoptimist

*A* and I are continuing to probe new outlets for getting out our news/hopes/dreams of adopting.  There are so many options out there for online marketing, many of them cost prohibitive for us right now.  What do I mean by that?  Well,  take Facebook ads, for example, which might be a really good option (or might not – who knows?).  Facebook allows you to set a budget of $5 or $10 a day.  Which translates to $150 to $300 a month.  While it’s good that you can (maybe?) go day by day and cancel anytime (didn’t look that far into it), we’re pretty sure we need something that’s a little longer-haul.  So, Facebook, however many times you prompt me to promote my posts, we’re just not ready for that yet.


There are some other online adoption marketing tools / organizations out there. I wrote an article for one such organization in December – America Adopts.  This is one of several companies out there that help out those wanting to be part of an open adoption – whether expectant parent(s) or hopeful adoptive parents.  Many of these companies have a free option that allows you to put your information on their site and it’s searchable – but they obviously give lots more perks to those who join.  Those perks are largely already covered by our adoption agency, the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) (a hard-copy adoption profile – the dear expectant parent letter, editing services and guidelines, a website profile) or were things the IAC required and we pay for directly (an 800-number, for example).   Some of these services we just don’t need and don’t want to pay twice for – seems like they might be tailored to folks who are hoping to adopt through an attorney or privately (without going through an agency) but still need to do some marketing.

I’ve noted our uncomfortability with this whole marketing thing before – and while we’ve been doing this for four months now, it still feels weird to put ourselves out there  – in the form of little pass-along cards or postcards or conversations or even blog and Facebook posts) in the hopes that we’ll be seen by someone looking to make an adoption plan.  However, we made the decision that open adoption is best for our family – so open we will be – that means that we will know who our child’s birthparents are – and we will choose each other.  Best way to accomplish that (that we know of) is to make ourselves available to be found.

Maybe the most track-able way our information is “out there” is through our agency.  The IAC sends out our letter/profile to expectant parents whose criteria and ours match.  In December, our letter went out 9 times for the 45 intakes for the IAC that month. That means that an expectant parent’s information about race, financial need, substance use, and what they are looking for in adoptive parents matched our information 9 times.  That’s a huge jump from previous months, so we were really excited.

AND we need our profile to go out even more.


So we’re trying Adoptimist, who  has an option for a free profile listing. *A* signed us up last weekend.   Our Adoptimist profile is sort of limited (it’s free, after all) and Adoptimist warns that for the freebies, an expectant parent must sift through the paid profiles first (one of the perks of paying), but it’s there, and even Adoptimist admits that the freebies families (that just sounds awful – let me rephrase – the families who elect for limited services – is that better? hmm…) Anyway, even those folks get picked too – enough to make it worth a try.  In searching the results for North Carolina, I see some familiar faces – folks who are also with the IAC.  So – I guess we’ll all see. Maybe it’ll work!


2 thoughts on “Trying Something New: Adoptimist

  1. Good luck guys! It is a tough decision to put yourselves out there, but you never know where or how that match is going to happen. And since the internet is one of the first places that people go to when they’re looking for information and answers, it’s a great place to post your profile and share your story. Hoping you find the match that’s right for you, Lawrence


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