Sunny Sunday


This past Saturday was a long day – Museum work all day then Museum fundraiser in the evening.  I left early and didn’t get home until super late, so *A* had the day to herself at home.  She spent it devising a series of surprises for Sunday.

Yesterday was a great day.  No over-the-top spectacular plans – other than to get out of the house, out of our little ‘boro,  and enjoy the sunshine.  Actually, just that was pretty over-the-top spectacular, come to think of it.

shaggyI got a nice lie-in, Tucker’s morning constitutionals and breakfast taken care of for me.  After a quick breakfast of two separate baked surprises from the day before, we hit the road.  Just to a nearby town (where we lived two years ago, but where things are familiar).  First stop: a self-requested haircut for me – I was starting to look like Shaggy from Scooby-Do (except I flatter myself that my beard is a little less sparse).  Favorite haircut technician (stylist? haircutter?) person was there – she always remembers my hair-cutting preferences, including my general dislike of various hair products, though she does sort of scoff at my low-fi attitude about hair in general.

That taken care of, I managed to sneak in a visit to a thrift shop to scout out some fabric for sewing projects – you can find some cool old-school fabric (read: straight out of your grandmother’s closet) at these places for cheap.  Rummaging around among the curtains and such, I spotted what looked like yards and yards of light green fabric wrapped around a hanger.  I thought I knew what it was – didn’t believe it – but checked anyway.  Sure enough, a Moby wrap, organic, even. We are eager to try out baby-wearing, at least some element of it, and especially early on, so a Moby wrap was on our wishlist. $2 at a thrift shop: definite score!

Next, we headed over to one of our favorite haunts – a local bookstore.  We didn’t go there often, and we hardly ever buy anything (but coffee), but we take advantage of the ability to basically check out stacks of books and magazines for a couple of hours and consider what we want to actually read later.  We do put them back where we found them – so at least we’re not total bookstore jerks 🙂

Finally – dinner, then home.

Once home, we decided to tackle the Moby wrap. *A* and I both were really interested in how on earth you turn 18 feet of fabric (it’s just one long piece) into a functional baby wrap.  Of course, there’s a YouTube video for that (there are actually numerous ones, as you might imagine):

*A* tried it out with the assistance of Fitzgerald the Bear playing the part of The Littlest Brooks-Livingston – who probably won’t be quite so, er, fluffy in the behind-area. Although, with cloth diapering, who knows…Anyway, it wasn’t so hard to figure out.  Not so much like origami as we’d previously thought.  Which is good.

Moby Wrap with Fitzgerald

Moby Wrap with Fitzgerald 2

The Moby might also be a little more difficult with a squirmy and breakable wee one – instead of a squishy bear who is rather on the quiet side.  Ah, we’ll figure it out.

Yesterday was a great day.  It’s just so good being with my most favoritest person.


6 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday

  1. One more common thread….. the house is BR is called the Gnome Home. Why? Nothing is plumb in the 100+ year old house and it looks as if it were built by a bunch of drunk gnomes! It is home and we love it. Sherry

  2. Well, I learned something – Mobey wrap – I wondered what those things were – had no idea that much material went into them. And, baby wearing – interesting !!

    LYM!! Mom

    • I think there are a few different kinds of baby wraps, and *A* definitely said no to a baby sling – she saw a kid fall out of one of those at Target one time and it was a pretty nasty fall – on the poor baby’s head. The parent might not have been using it correctly – who knows – but this one looks better for the parent and the kid both anyway. Supposed to be easier on your back for the weight-distribution. We’ll see…

  3. Love the video – so helpful! Thank you for sharing! I feel so much more confident about baby wearing – which I am really looking forward to – after having watched that!

    • Definitely check out the other ones on YouTube – there are quite a few for various holds. And really, after practicing just a little, the Moby is not difficult to manage at all (of course, keep in mind we’re trying it out without the benefit of the squirmy baby). Tons of benefits to babywearing – and while biology doesn’t necessarily make it easier to bond, it seems like bonding and attachment are especially issues that folks like us who are adopting are super-sensitive to.


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