Doodlebug Club: Melted Snowman Paintings & Potato Wheel Printing

Melted Snowman & Potato Wheel Printing Intro

To celebrate the end of the previous week’s snow (biggest snow of their lives!  no, really!) last week, the Doodlebugs and I made melted snowman paintings, an idea I found here.  This was a great project for my growing little group (we’re up to 7 regulars now!) because there are no “rules” for how to paint this kind of snowman.  The Doodlebugs used white paint on a blue construction paper background.  While the paint was still wet, they stuck on a red scarf, two googly eyes, a pointy orange nose, a top hat, and two sticks for arms.  (Body parts and clothing all pre-cut by yours truly).  All these little bits could be placed wherever – this was a melted snowman, after all.

Melted Snowman (demo)This one was my example.

Melted Snowman 1

This one’s already turned into a snow person puddle.

Melted Snowman 2

Melted Snowman 3

Melted Snowman 4

Snow melts in all sorts of ways.  Apparently some of them involve a great deal of wind!

These Doodlebugs are getting used to doing more than one activity, so they are zipping through the first project quickly and are ready for another.  Multiple projects are not a problem, but in the coming weeks, I think we’ll try to scale back  and focus more intently on the one thing we’re working on at a time, even if it’s just one thing for that class. That’ll involve some projects with more detail and will probably require more focused energy (that’s the goal, anyway).  I’ve picked up on the tendency of a couple of the kids to give up fairly easily, so it’ll be a fine line between that utilizing focused energy well and doing their own thing entirely (not necessarily bad, but following the rules can teach good stuff you might miss otherwise).

Prior to class the other day, I cut potatoes into slices, which I then trimmed into circles, and then carved into them various designs.  I poked a 4-inch dowel through the carved potato wheel and gave each Doodlebug artist one wheel to roll through paint,  then across a sheet of paper.  My inspiration for this project was from this site.

Potato Wheel Printing (demo)

Potato Wheel Printing 1

Potato Wheel Printing 2

The kids seemed to really enjoy the process of rolling the potato wheel through the paint, then across the paper – it was a test of their fine motor skills, for sure, as some of them had issues with it.    It was kind of fun to show them that you  can make art with just about anything.

Katy & The Big Snow (cover)

Of course, with all of the recent snow, we had to read a snow-themed book.  I settled on the vintage Katy and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton.   Katy is a tractor that has all sorts of jobs – working on the highway most of the year and helping plow snow in the winter.  She’s too big, though, so she doesn’t get used unless it’s a really big snow.

Katy & The Big Snow 1

Then one day, it happened.  The Really Big Snow.  When every other snow truck gets stuck, Katy gets into action.

Katy & The Big Snow 2

Everybody’s got an emergency, so Katy comes to the rescue, by the end of the book, plowing out the whole town.

Katy & The Big Snow 3

Katy and the Big Snow is a fun little book.  I do like the old-school-ness of it.

On the issue of snow, I’ve been told I’m a bit of a party-pooper.  I’m not a fan of it, that’s certainly true.  I hope, for the Littlest, that snow is such a novelty that he or she has very little concept of a snow plow like our friend Katy here.  I grew up in North Alabama, and yes, it snows there – but not every year, and not usually a whole lot.  I do remember at least two or three rather epic snows when I was a kid – during one of them my brother built an actual igloo that took up the whole driveway.  I was only 5 or so at the time, so I don’t remember a whole lot about it – but I do remember scooting through that igloo tunnel.  Fun times.  Now that I’m a grown-up, though, I’m not a huge fan of snow, possibly because in my neck of the woods, there seems to be a general shortage of reason and sense when it comes to snow in the weather forecast.  Don’t get me wrong, snow is great, if you don’t have to get out in it.  I’d be fine with one snowed-in weekend, even a long weekend, a year.  And then the snow’s gone.  Too bad that’s not really how it goes…

doodlebugWhat is Doodlebug Club?
I work at an art and history museum, and one of the best parts of my job is working with kids.    I teach a weekly preschool art class called Doodlebug Club, where I get to try out all sorts of ideas that will become some of the fun things that we will do with our Littlest Brooks-Livingston.  I’ve never had any real art training, but I think it’s a lot of fun, and to me, it’s very important to make art more approachable than it ever seemed when I was a kid.If you’d like to read about more of the projects we’ve done in Doodlebug Club, click here.  Check out my Doodlebug Club Pinterest board here.


2 thoughts on “Doodlebug Club: Melted Snowman Paintings & Potato Wheel Printing

  1. A very interesting, and captivating article/read. You are such a good writer. At least in this media, you are strengthening your writing talent!!! (For other avenues…..;>))

    LYM! Mom

    • Thanks, Mom. I come by it honest. All those grueling evenings spent practicing spelling words and writing 5-paragraph essays in elementary school…you were right there with me (like it or not, at the time…) 🙂


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