About Us: Now Actually About Us!

It’s (almost) always cathartic to do some spring cleaning – more often than just the spring, and in more places than just your house!  One of the pages on The Littlest Brooks-Livingston, our “About Us” page, was a little lackluster and needed a boost.

Borrowing an idea from a blogging friend (hope you don’t mind, Kristen!), I decided the “About Us” should be, well, about us, and not so much a “how to read this blog” page.

Click here to check out the new page, updated with some fun bits of trivia about me and *A.* After the trivia, there are links to the posts that matter the most to us.  We’re hoping it’ll serve as a “start reading here” sort of page.

Asher and FamilyIn the spirit of new-ness, with renewing our homestudy and hopes for a Littlest one of us ever on the horizon, a story I read the other day called “My {Grace Filled} Mess: When Adoption is Messy and Beautiful,  about a family who struggled through a failed adoption to finally meet  a little boy that became their son,  gave me a lot of hope about the possibilities of open adoption.  This story about their family and how this little boy they named Asher drew together not only their family and Asher’s birthmother, but also her family and the family with whom she’d made a previous adoption plan.  They all became one big family tied together through open adoption, truly a best-case-scenario for little Asher, as well as his inter-connected family.  Seeing that  kind of relationship is reassuring.  Reading about how quickly their story changed – from an adoption match that didn’t work out to a whirlwind couple of weeks that ended with them as parents to Asher reminded us how the adoption process can go from wait, wait, wait to insta-family just like that.  That too, gives us hope.  I’m sure glad I stumbled across that story – so beautiful, so much love.  Check it out if you have time.

Photo copyright belongs to Asher’s folks, Steve & Maria.




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