Ready for it

1st Father's Day On this Father’s Day, which did not turn out to be my first, it feels impossible to hide my longing to be a dad.  I’m happy for all those dads around me who are celebrating today.  And I wish my own dad a happy day, though I’m not there to celebrate with him.  Still, you can’t beat actually participating in Father’s Day as a dad, and I’m ready for it. You better believe it.

Earlier today, I shared on the Littlest’s Facebook page an article about someone else’s first Father’s Day, which came after waiting to adopt for more than two years.  Rather than drag me down (at the thought of continued waiting and waiting and waiting and…) it made me feel a little better.  They had the same periods of silence.  They were on the same roller coaster of emotions.  And now they’re dads, celebrating their very first Father’s Day.  Regardless of how often I am told, it’s good to be reminded that it CAN and WILL happen.  To us.  To me.  Yes, even to me.

On that note, this week, I shared some thoughts about this pre-fatherhood Father’s Day through  a guest post on America Adopts.  It if seems a little familiar, it’s because I’ve posted a version of the open letter to our future child’s birth father before, a couple of months ago.  They seemed appropriate thoughts for Father’s Day – a day he and I will forever share, in one way or another, someday.





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