Last Year, This Year: Our Home Study Update

As we round the last corner of a year into the Great Wait, we’re getting ready for our home study update visit.  Last year, after all of our initial paperwork was submitted, but before we could go live with our profile or be listed as “available” parents, we had two visits with a social worker.  The first visit was for interviews with each of us individually, then together.  The second visit was to check out the house and do any follow-up discussion.

In anticipation of that tour of our house, like just about everyone who’s going through a first home study visit, last year, we scrubbed probably every inch of our house, inside and out – probably cleaner than it’s ever been (certainly cleaner than when we first moved in!), expecting her to do a white glove inspection.  In reality, she did tour the house, but just sort of glanced around.  She certainly didn’t inspect the porch railings to make sure the green stuff from the trees had been scrubbed off (though it definitely was!)

This time around, during the “interview” part of the visit, we’ll be talking about what’s changed in the past year about our lives, our home, maybe our thoughts about adoption – at least I think – and I’m not sure what else.  Maybe our plans for the immediate future?  I think there will be a look-around as well, since this is a different social worker than the person who wrote our report last year.  We’ve got a decent around-the-house to-do list to accomplish this week in preparation, and we’re also excited to show off the Littlest’s room, which we’ve worked hard on in that past year to get ready for its new occupant (it’s ready and waiting!)   Stay tuned for a sneak preview of that a little later…

I don’t think either of us are worried about the update visit.  That’s not to say that we’re already old hands at this – I guess we just have a little more understanding of what to expect.  Our update visit is set for next Friday, August 22nd.  She’ll then have a few weeks to do the write-up of  her visit, and we’ll continue as before, hopefully with a big change just around the corner! In the meantime…

keep swimming





3 thoughts on “Last Year, This Year: Our Home Study Update

  1. We scrubbed and scrubbed for our home study update (which we had like a day’s notice for, because we were heading out of town right before) and then she never left the living room! I knew from the initial home visit that she wouldn’t judge based on a little dust here and there, but I still felt the urge to find every speck and wipe it away.

    Love the blog! Can’t wait to have time to catch up on the rest of it!

    • We didn’t go quite as wild as we did for the first visit, but probably still went a little overboard. She did ask to see the baby’s room (probably because we talked about “nesting” as a coping mechanism for the wait), which necessitated a trip down the hallway, at least, but that was about it, beyond our living room.

      Thanks for reading! It’ll be great to share each other’s waiting trials, tribulations, and one day – successes!

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