Sharing the Adoption Love: An Introduction

It was around early August last year that I somehow stumbled across a blog written by an adoptive mom, Kristen, who was, at that time, a year into her and her husband’s wait to adopt.  She was trying something new after a year and began blogging on their site, Adoption Love.  I was instantly drawn into their story, and I began following their blog and Kristen began following ours.  I’ve actually written about what an encouragement their blog has been to me before now (read that post here).  Now that they have adopted a sweet little girl that is (can it be!?) now 8-months old, Kristen’s blog still encourages me by helping me envision an end to the wait and by making me give (even more) thought to some of the realities of parenting (like our plans for cloth diapering, feeding homemade baby food, letting go of some type-A tendencies…)

Now, busy mom that she is, Kristen has come up with a great idea to help her readers “meet” each other – a blog link-up.  Our first task is to introduce ourselves, to explain how we came to be a part of the adoption world, and to describe where we are in our journey.

Our About Us: The Basics page gives a run-down of our back-story through links to posts I’ve previously written, including a story of our first date, our first dreams of family-building, our open-minded ideas of what our family might look like one day, and our hopes for an open adoption.  I have also had to opportunity to write a series of monthly columns for Open Adoption Bloggers called “The Art of Waiting,” (an art, by the way, that I have by no means perfected…).  These columns are very open and honest, sometimes painfully so.  I’ve gotten a positive response from what sometimes felt like an outpouring of anxiety, and for me, this feedback has underlined the importance of connecting with others who have been or are where we are.  As a result,  I’ve “met” (online) some pretty great folks through writing these columns.

As for where we are now, *A* (my patient wife) and I  are a full year into our “official” wait to adopt a newborn, as of the end of this month.  We just finished our home study update and we’re ready to roll, anxious to meet our Littlest Brooks-Livingston and start an exciting new chapter of our lives.





If you want to see other blogs with folks participating in this Adoption Love-sponsored link-up, click on this logo (to the right).  I’ve posted the same link on the static column to the right, so you can access that link anytime without having to see this post first.  Just FYI. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Sharing the Adoption Love: An Introduction

  1. I really hope y’all get “the call” soon and can move from the wait being the hardest part to the match being the hardest part. LOL every part seems like the hardest. Good Luck

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